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The Midlife Man (TMM) is a fast growing information website targeting 40 – 65 year old males, offering thought provoking, informative, quality articles.  TMM also encourages contributions from viewers by way of forums and article contributions.  Broad subject categories are:



Looking Good     It takes a little more effort to look good over the age of 40, but not that much more.  With a little thought in dressing and grooming to suit your age you can still look sharp.  Covers grooming, clothing and accessories
Living Good


You are middle aged, have been working for some time and have accumulated assets, busy with a busy but enjoyable lifestyle.  We look as lifestyle aspects for the middle aged man, from the essentials of home ownership, cars and bikes, to recreation including travel, hobbies and toys.

Feeling Good  


As a man progresses through middle age is becomes apparent that the body aint what it used to be.  While a decline in physical condition as we age is expected, pace the decline though midlife still surprises most men.  We talk about health, exercise, diet, illness and wellbeing

Cashed Up     


If you’re lucky you have accumulated assets and maybe have some spare cash, if not you need to better manage what you have.  We talk financial advice, investment and retirement planning, maintaining an income stream in the current volatile global economic environment; and also cover boring but essential topics like insurance.

Go Tech   


If you are lucky enough to stay in tune with technology, then you will survive in this ever changing world.  But if you aer ever more confused by the ever changing world driven by technology changes, then read The Midlife Man technology section. 




Within each of these main categories is a growing list of sub-categories, created in response to audience interest.  We provide a forum, open to all to read, and to site members to contribute, helping to guide The Midlife Man on categories and topices of most interest.


 The TMM website is an easy to navigate and searchable site allowing users to quickly find content of interest.


Advertising Models

The Midlife Man offers two main avenues for Advertisers to take advantage of The Midlife Mans viewing audience:

  1. Direct Advertisement

The Advertiser can provide promotional material published as a full article, displayed on the website for a fixed period of time.  The article will be included as a The Midlife Man website published article (identified as an advertisement of course).  New article swill generally be listed to the top of the queue on the front page and within each category article summary.  The advertiser can also choose to give the advertisement persistence and prominence on the Front Page by one of the Display Models listed below, i.e. Main Slider, Hot Article, or Feature Article.


  1. Affiliate Advertising

The Midlife Man does not use or promote the use of high volume cost per click affiliate advertising model.  Rather we adopt a more meaningful pay for performance model, such as Cost per Sale or Cost per Lead, as these represent a measurable outcome for the Advertiser, which is basically a win-win for both the Advertiser and The Midlife Man.  Defined successful outcomes may not be possible for some products or services, and therefore may exclude Affiliate Advertising.

The Midlife Man uses only reputable Affiliate Marketing companies, such as:

  • Commission Junction
  • Commission Factory


The Advertiser can rest assured that whatever the agreed event represents a successful outcome that it is being reliably recorded and tracked each time the event originates from the TMM website.

All the Advertiser needs to do is have an account with one of Affiliate Marketing Companies and establish their Advertising campaign and set the price.  However TMM is more than happy to link to an affiliate program through other Affiliate Marketers that meet our criteria.

The Advertiser is of course free to promote their products through other publishers with any of the Affiliate Marketing companies.


Display Modes

A.    Front Page Presentations


Main Slider Item  3 Slide Slider, with slide 1 being the website main image. Visibility 30% of the time, a large media rich banner page, and may be a clickable link to either a main article (if the Advertiser has provide a full page advisement); or directly to the Advertisers outcome page (via the Affiliate Marketing model).  The Main Slider is full screen width and a height of 450px (W x H) as viewed on a full size computer monitor ( Note 1)
Hot Articles (1 of 10) - a “slider” rotating the 10 most recent popular articles by 5 at a time on the Front Page.  Visiblility 50% of the time.  The slider is the main image of a full Advertising Article, which is a clickable linking directly to Advertising Article.  The Advertising Article may also contain links, banners or images with linking to the Advertisers outcome URL (managed via the Affiliate Marketing model). Size 224px x 140px (W x H) as viewed on a full size computer monitor (Note 1), (Note 2)
Feature  1 of 3 positions.  A fixed region on the front page. Visibility 100% of the time.  Each Feature is the main image and title of a full Advertising Article, which is a clickable linking directly to Advertising Article.  The Advertising Article may also contain links, banners or images with linking to the Advertisers outcome URL (managed via the Affiliate Marketing model).   The Feature image is  263px x 161px (W x H) in size as viewed on a full size computer monitor ( Note 1)
Full Article Advertisement

Visible whenever a website user clicks on the article from a search or from one of the promoted front page positions described above; or from a main category summary page.  Typically body text is typically 300-400 words in length.



All Advertiser supplied images for the main article banner need to be   900px  x 550px  72 dpi  jpg or png files



B.   Advertising Blocks

Advertisements placed Advertising Blocks throughout the website will be located in one of the following regions:

Top Content – will show above the main page content on all pages except the Front Page.  Size 728px x 90px (WxH) as viewed on a full size computer monitor (see Note 1)

Right Sidebar: will show to the right of the main content.  Size 300px x 263px (WxH) as viewed on a full size computer monitor (see Note 1)



Each Advertising Block can contain text, images, banners or a combination of these linking to the Advertisers outcome page (via the Affiliate Marketing model)


  1. The website is responsive website and will adapt to different screen sizes, i.e. adverting blocks and front page displays will reduce proportionally (and may change locations on the web page) as viewing area is reduced.  This is normal behaviour on a responsive website
  2. The “Hot Articles” slider title and purpose may change, for example to presentation and promote  goods and services for specific occasions such as holiday periods, celebration days




Affiliate Marketing Model

Pricing for advertisement type and style is best established as part of the Advertisers Marketing Campaign, with successful outcome determination managed through an intermediate Affiliate Marketing company. Price can be negotiated between the Advertiser and TMM prior to establishing connecting through the Affiliate Marketing Company.  Links, banners and images can be placed:

  • In dedicated top and side blocks
  • Integrated in content of an Article


Direct Advertisement

Advertising via the Direct Advertisement Model can be in any of the forms below.  The basis for pricing is time on display



Price ($AUD)

Price Basis


Front Page –“ Main Slider”

Contact Us (b)

Per month


Front Page –“ Hot Articles”

Contact Us (b)

Per month


Front Page –“ Feature Article”

Contact Us (b)

Per month


Full Article – (additional costs for front page promotion 1,2,3 above)

Contact Us (b)

Per month


Advertising Block – Top Content


Per outcome


Advertising Block –  Right Side Bar


Per outcome


  1. Outcomes leading to visitor landing on the Advertisers outcome page is managed by the Affiliate Marketing Company
  2.  Price  for additional promotional  component is additional to Full Article Price


Prospective Advertisers, please contact us using the button below, and be sure to include the contact information for you.  Alternately    +61(0)411069465  


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