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About The Midlife Man


The Midlife Man is an informative website for middle aged males.  By definition midlife is between the ages of 40 to 65 years old (according to the USA census Department and the Oxford Dictionary). Why a definition for this phase of life?  Well, generally it represents a period of personal change, not only physically, but also mentally and lifestyle, for example:

  • Your work life will likely transition as your experience and competence accelerate through your forties and early fifties, before reverting to less active roles in your late fifties
  • On the home front, life focus changes from building a home and bringing up children in the early part of midlife, to eventually having more time on your hands to pursue other things of interest as the children leave home.

It is also a period in life in which individuals start to see the inevitable end and perhaps question what they've achieved in their life todate, and where they may want to go for the remainder of time on this planet. Yes, a period of significant change indeed, which is why the term "midlife crisis" often applies to those men struggling to cope.

Midlife can be a period of immense challenge coping with the rate of change in one's life. The Midlife Man aims to research the great resources on the World Wide Web, filtering information, and providing great content, advice, opportunites to connect with others men in similar circumstances, and offering and products of relevance to 40-65 year old men.

The site objectives are focused on providing the audience with:

  • Articles of interest and relevance to the intended audience covering many aspects of the life, touching on health and wellbeing, grooming and appearance, lifestyle, finance and technology
  • A forum for comment and discussion on topical subjects
  • Identify and advertise products and services which may of interest. 

If you're a middle-aged man irrespective of whether you have been successful in your chosen career, or not, life experience almost always guarantees you have something of value and relevance to say to other people. If so you are more than welcome to use this website as a platform to speak your mind.  So sign up to become a Contributor, just fill out the form below.  If you sign up you will also receive our regular newsletter providing updates on new content and offers.

 The Midlife Man has as accompanying accounts with mainstream social media platforms Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to help you keep updated.


We and hope you enjoy the Midlife Man.

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