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Wind Turbines

Yay, South Australia leads the world in renewables supplying the electricity grid. Well that comes at a cost, yes we now have the most expensive electricity in the world!!!
Go figure, who would have thought that renewable power generation would be expensive, well just about everyone really!!
So because of the rapidly increasing renewables in SA we have just shut down a gas fired power station, and now we have insufficient base load generation. And we import power from Victoria which is mostly produced from coal fired power stations. That’s right shut down a gas fired power station (which produces 50% of the CO2 emissions vs coal fired generation), and then import coal fired power generation from another state. Talk about exporting jobs for no environmental gain.
It just doesn’t make sense

No wonder companies are leaving South Australia, the only industry moving to SA is the construction of the new submarines, and that is only because it’s a publically funded project, and it was an election promise. We are about to construct the most expensive submarines in the world!!
South Australia has the highest unemployment rate in Australia, and new industry is chased away because of Jay Wetherill’s green dreams of 100 % renewable energy.
This is a state without plan, and without consideration for those that live here.
When is the next election?


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