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Power Prices

Davo posted a megaphone article on the effect that renewables is having on power prices. esp in South Oz. I am a bit concerned to. the SA and vic power grids are linked. I can see Vics power prices also going off the scale to because of the push for renewables

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Interesting article in the

Interesting article in the Australian today about this subject (Link pasted below). The SA government is tendering 75% of its long term power needs, and they also want to encourage investment in locating gas reserves to from part of the power gen mix.
Sounds like the SA government is finally concerned about what a serious issue this is. Too little too late I think. I live in Vic too, but I see Andrews is quickly heading down the renewables path, even in light of the problems in SA which from what I have read was caused by intermittent nature of wind turbines. With the interconnector between SA and VIc we may be bidding against SA for our own electricity?

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isn't that how renewables are

isn't that how renewables are supposed to work. The government subsidises to get them built then they are able to supply cheap power to the grid because they essentially have no fuel costs. Hence coal/gas generators cant compete and are forced out of business. SA seems to have found out the hard way that wind power is not reliable, no wind/too much wind then no power.

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The thing that grates with me

The thing that grates with me is that the Torrens island power station was shut down and its gas fired. So what do we do when we need to import power, we import coal generated power from vic. How is this good for the environment?

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as another Victorian, I think

as another Victorian, I think this will affect me also. Andrews is a loose canon. We could have a 50% renewables target by year end, then it will be a case of highest bidder only get electricity when the wind turbines aren't turning

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