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A Mans Guide to Wristwatches: How to Choose a Watch

A man’s watch has the ability to say everything about his style. It can sum him up in just a simple glance.

5 Iconic Mens Watches You Can Still Buy Today

Most men yearn to own a quality watch at some point in his life.  Well some watches have become iconic by virtue of design, quality and reputation

Five Interesting Facts About Wooden Watches

Wooden watches are great additions to your wardrobe because they are trendy, sophisticated, unique and stylish.

Puma X-CAT DISC Laceless Shoes-Designed by BMW

Puma has realised laceless shoes designed by the BMW Designworks Team 

Whats New in Belts

Micro adjustable belts with interchangeable buckles are changing the belt landscape.  No more belt holes

Dressing for Function - Men’s Scarfs

A scarf not only protects a man from the extremes of winter, but also projects a man’s individual style.

Wallet Alternatives for Today

New minimalist wallets designed to carry cards and only a few notes.  Here are 3 great options

Summer Hats for Men Over 40

Hats provide protection form sun damage for the older man, but protect yourself with style

Getting Your Hair Back

Yes it is possible to slow hair loss, even regrow hair.  But it  is not without risk

So Your Hair Is Starting to Thin?

Losing your hair is not easy to accept, there are some techniques to help you live with thinning hair.

Casual Dressing for the Man Over 60

No matter your age you can still dress with style and it doesn't mean dressing like your dad.

Casual Dressing for the Man in His 40s

40+, still young enough to rock casual.  Dress your age, not old

Male Attractiveness and Aging

With the right attention to detail a man can still look good as he ages

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