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Smart Speakers Dumbed Down

Whats The Deal With Smart Speakers? Do I Need One? Find Out Here

Netatmo Welcome

Indoor Security Camera with Facial Recognition. Imagine the possibilities

Is Home Automation for You? New Tech is making Home Automation DIY and affordable

Cracking the Craft Beer Market

How do you choose a craft beer with so many on the market?  We do it by using…..

Smart Outdoor Security-Netatmo Presence

Want an outdoor security light that records the action, in HD, so you can view it on your smartphone? Try the Netatmo Presence 

Home Security Made Easy

A doorbell with HD video streaming to your smart phone even when you are away from home.  Its easy to install yourself, whats not to like

How to Buy Jewelry For Your Lady

Most men shy away from choosing a jewelry gift for their lady.  Read how to do it successfully

Cracking the Craft Beer Market

Want to take the pain out of choosing a good wine?  Read this

Affordable Gift Ideas For Your Lady

Watches are in vogue for the lady so take advantage of the great online watch sales at Deewatch

How to Change  Your Home Lighting to LED

Changing to LED lighting in your home can save you a lot on your electricity bills, and it is easy, and legal to do yourself

The Real Reason You Should Change to LED Lighting

There is big money to be save by changing your home lighting to LED technology

The New DJI Mavic Pro Hits the Sweet Spot

From the early reviews it looks like DJI are on a winner with the new Mavic Pro drone

Land Rover Discovery-Paris Motor Show 2016

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery- longer, sleeker, huge storage and lots of other great features

Audi Q5 Makeover-Paris Motor Show 2016

The new 2017 Audi Q5, introduced at the 2016 Paris Motor Show,  is a major upgrade to one of the most successful models in the Audi product range

BMW X2 Concept Car-Paris Motor Show 2016

The BMW X2 is sportier, musclier version of the X1 and is due to hit the showrooms in 2017

Five Reasons to Want a Parrot Disco Drone

An easy to fly fixed wing drone flying at speeds up to 80 kmph with FPV and a control range of 2km, who doesn’t want one?

3 Great Gadgets For The Golfer

Check out 3 high tech golf accessories on the market now.  Great tools to help improve your game

Get Your Keys Organised

A solution for sorting your keys with a high tech quality Swiss style key organizer

Harley-Davidson Unleashes the Milwaukee-Eight

Harley-Davidson releases its first new engine in 15 years.  More grunt, smoother and cooler.

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