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The Facts About Back Pain and Middle Aged Men

Key facts About Back Pain Every Man Should Know

Six Medically Proven Ways to Maintain Your Testosterone in Middle Age

Low Testosterone can be devastating for a man, here’s what you can do to maintain yours

Link Between Obesity and Several Cancers

A recent meta-analysis has linked the cause for over eight cancers to excessive body fat

Midlife Weight Affects Longevity for Men

Overweight or obese in midlife then you may die younger whether you lose weight later in life or not

Link Between Excess Weight in Midlife and Dementia

Studies show that a healthy body weight in midlife may reduce the prevalence of the onset of dementia 

Midlife - What to Expect With Your Body and What Can You Do About It

Midlife is a time when your body will be in decline, a few lifestyle changes can help delay the process

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