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Smart Speakers Dumbed Down

Whats The Deal With Smart Speakers? Do I Need One? Find Out Here

Netatmo Welcome

Indoor Security Camera with Facial Recognition. Imagine the possibilities

Is Home Automation for You? New Tech is making Home Automation DIY and affordable

Smart Outdoor Security-Netatmo Presence

Want an outdoor security light that records the action, in HD, so you can view it on your smartphone? Try the Netatmo Presence 

Home Security Made Easy

A doorbell with HD video streaming to your smart phone even when you are away from home.  Its easy to install yourself, whats not to like

Doh! Samsung Not Again- Galaxy Note 7 Update

Samsung has failed a second time on the Galaxy Note 7.  The death of a potentially great  product 

The New Google Hardware Lowdown

Its official Google is in the hardware business, phones, AI based home automation, Wifi routers and more

Samsung Galaxy Note7   Recall - Australian Customers

Samsung Electronics Australia announces a recall notice for the Galaxy Note7 smartphone in Australia

Australian Card Payments Fraud

In Australia online card fraud is increasing, but skimming is decreasing

Starting a Blog

Learn about the steps you need to take and the choices you need to make start a Blog.  Its never been easier

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