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Strength Training in Middle Age for Diabetes Prevention

Studies show Strength Training may be more beneficial in managing/ preventing Type 2 diabetes than Aerobic Training

Weightlifting Basics for the Middle Aged Man

We provide a few pointers as to what to expect when you begin weightlifting as a fitness routine in middle age 

Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer for Weight Training

A Personal Trainer will guide a beginner more quickly up the learning curve for lifting weights.  

Weight Training for Middle Aged Men-Avoid Injury

Older weight lifters need to be alert to early signs of injury and overtraining, and modify their program when necessary

What a Middle Aged Man Should Look For in a Gym

Choose a gym that is “older clientele” friendly and accessible to accommodate workouts in the busy schedule of a middle aged man

Benefits of Weight Training for the Middle Aged Man

Weightlifting improves health and wellbeing, here are just a few of the benefits

Starting Weight Training In Middle Age

Weight training has health and wellbeing benefits, here are some tips  on starting weightlifting in middle age

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