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The Facts About Back Pain and Middle Aged Men

Key facts About Back Pain Every Man Should Know

Six Medically Proven Ways to Maintain Your Testosterone in Middle Age

Low Testosterone can be devastating for a man, here’s what you can do to maintain yours

Strength Training in Middle Age for Diabetes Prevention

Studies show Strength Training may be more beneficial in managing/ preventing Type 2 diabetes than Aerobic Training

The Sin Tax For Popular Junk Foods

We can’t eat a healthy diet all the time.  But remember high fat fast foods are also high energy and will take some effort to burn the calories

Weightlifting Basics for the Middle Aged Man

We provide a few pointers as to what to expect when you begin weightlifting as a fitness routine in middle age 

Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer for Weight Training

A Personal Trainer will guide a beginner more quickly up the learning curve for lifting weights.  

Weight Training for Middle Aged Men-Avoid Injury

Older weight lifters need to be alert to early signs of injury and overtraining, and modify their program when necessary

What a Middle Aged Man Should Look For in a Gym

Choose a gym that is “older clientele” friendly and accessible to accommodate workouts in the busy schedule of a middle aged man

Benefits of Weight Training for the Middle Aged Man

Weightlifting improves health and wellbeing, here are just a few of the benefits

Starting Weight Training In Middle Age

Weight training has health and wellbeing benefits, here are some tips  on starting weightlifting in middle age

Testosterone and Diabetes Link-The T4DM Study

Overweight and middle aged then you can participate in a study investigating links between low T and type 2 diabetes

Is Testosterone Treatment Right For You?

Testosterone treatment can improve the quality of life for the middle aged man, explore the options

Low Testosterone Explained

Low Testosterone can have serious life consequences for men but treatment is not readily prescribed by most doctors

Link Between Obesity and Several Cancers

A recent meta-analysis has linked the cause for over eight cancers to excessive body fat

Midlife Weight Affects Longevity for Men

Overweight or obese in midlife then you may die younger whether you lose weight later in life or not

Link Between Excess Weight in Midlife and Dementia

Studies show that a healthy body weight in midlife may reduce the prevalence of the onset of dementia 

Is Dietary Salt All That Bad?

A 2006 statistical medical study found that diets lower in salt may increase risk of heart disease

Midlife - What to Expect With Your Body and What Can You Do About It

Midlife is a time when your body will be in decline, a few lifestyle changes can help delay the process

So What Is the Midlife Transition?

Midlife can be time of frustration and confusion, which can so easily lead to a "crisis"

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