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Whats New in Belts

As I have matured through middle age my waistline has changed in size, both up and down.  Consequently my belt positions were often adjusted to suit this changing size demand.  And I must admit in those extreme times some of my favourite belts could no longer be worn or I was on the last hole (which is not a good look).  Certainly most belts I own show the signs of multiple holes having been used, where the holes are either stretched out of shape or ripped.  They pretty much look like this:

worn out belt


Well not anymore!!  Some innovative entrepreneurs belts that grip on a track of grooves at the rear of the belt, out of sight.  Advantages of this type of design are:

  • Finer adjustment around the waist, in approx. ¼” apart instead of 1 or 2 “ for a normal belt
  • Within a manufacturers product range the buckle can be attached to any strap (for a given belt width).  You can use any buckle with any strap providing more versatility with your wardrobe
  • Most manufacturers offer a “one size fits all” approach to the belt strap, which makes it easy to purchase online.  Just cut to length.

 There are several manufacturers on the market offer belt products functioning along the same principal.  I will mention one with a great product range, Anston Belt and Buckle, and they ship to Australia




Anson Belt and Buckle 

Anson Belt & Buckle


They are a USA based company (North Carolina), product details as follows:



A 1.25” with range and a 1.5” width range


Anson Leather Belt - Black     Anson Canvas Belt - Brown


Both width ranges have straps available in both:

  • Premium Full Grain Leather, in a wide range of colours
  • Canvas front (leather backed)
  • Cloth front  (leather backed)

Since all straps fit pant sizes up to 50", you don't need to choose a size. As long as you or the recipient wears a size 50" pant or less you will be able to size this belt to your waist. You simply cut the excess leather from the raw end of the strap that inserts into the buckle. This way it fits YOUR exact waist, with no guessing.

Note: buckles are not interchangeable between with ranges



Buckles are offered in a great range of finishes and styles for both the 1.25” and 1.5” belt widths


Anson Buckle - Traditional Silver    Anson Buckle - Golf Gunmetal


Belt/buckle combinations are selected individually to suit the customers taste. 



  • Straps are 24.95 USD (approx. $ 33AUD)
  • Buckles are 24.95 USD (approx. $ 33AUD)

You will need to add shipping to Australia, although international shipping seems quite reasonable these days, certainly on smaller items such as this.

Anson offer a lifetime warranty, but presumably you would need to cover shipping back to the USA



There are others on the market such as Kore Essentials 

Kore also ship international for a flat rate of Flat Rate of just $12.95 USD  (approx. $18 AUD)

Why not check them out?


Or Check out Trafalgar Stores great range of belts




Anson Belt & Buckle Demo Video


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