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Wallet Alternatives for Today

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Wallet Alternatives for Today

Do large bulky wallets still have a function today?  Let’s face it very few transactions are by cash these days, most are by card, and more and more by smartphone or watch.  So do you still need to carry around a bulky wallet designed for carrying notes?  I have down sized over recent years, to just a card holder and a few notes held in place with a money clip, but there are some better more attractive and functional options available.

The wallet market is really hot with new start-ups manufacturing great minimalist solutions to allow you to carry your valuables securely, without the bulk of a traditional leather wallet.

  Here are a couple of examples


The Ridge

The Ridge is a quality product comprising a 2 piece hard back and front, clam-shelled with an elastic strap.  It’s a cool looking wallet with the outer pieces made from a range of great materials:

The Ridge Wallet - Carbon FibreThe Ridge Wallet - Gunmetal
  • Aluminium (Black, Gunmetal, Silver)
  • Titanium & Carbon Fibre
  • Polycarbonate

There are two options for holding notes, an external money clip or an additional elastic strap to secure the notes in place.

Features are:

  • Blocks RFID to stop card skimming
  • Holds 1-12 card without stretching out
  • Replaceable Elastic and Screws
  • 1 year warranty on the elastic, screws, and money clip

The screws and elastic are replaceable, and you get a tool provided for this purpose

Prices range from $85 AUD for the aluminium version up to $ 136 AUD for the titanium or carbon fibre.  Plus a little extra for a money clip

Good news is The Ridge ship free to Australia, or pay a little extra for an expedited shipment

Available from The Ridge



The Union Wallet

A great small wallet design with an outer shell made from wood harvested in the USA, either:

  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Walnut


Union Wallet  Union Wallet - Loaded


Product Features

  • Suitable to carry 2 – 6 cards
  • Quick cash strap to carry notes
  • RFID plating to prevent electronic skimming
  • Solid hand polished wood shell
  • Quick access slot
  • One year warranty


Price:  $75 AUD

Available from Madera Australia





The Dash 4.0 helps to keep your bulk to an absolute minimum. Carry what you need and access it easily.  Made from a newer, more durable elastic fabric.



  • 3 utility compartments
  • Slim, thin RFID blocking design with quick draw
  • Durable construction with saffiano canvas with a flexible elastic
  • Holds cash, international currencies, folded in half
  • Elastic backside can accommodate 1-15 cards


Dash 4.0 Wallet



Colours: Black or Navy


Price:  $24  USD (approx. $32 AUD) plus shipping and duty (if any)

Available from Dash Wallets 


Check out the videos below


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