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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Recall - Australia

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Samsung Galaxy Note7   Recall - Australian Customers

Samsung Electronics Australia announced on 5th September 2106, that it has formally issued a recall notice for the Galaxy Note 7, which will cover 51,060 smartphones. The recall is in response to the recent issue regarding isolated battery cell issues with the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Electronics Australia advises all customers who use a Galaxy Note 7 smartphone to power down their device return it to its place of purchase and use an alternative device until a remedy can be provided.

Key Aspects of the recall:

  1. Customers who have purchased a Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung are entitled to choose either:
    1.  A new Galaxy Note 7 (and a courtesy device until replacement Galaxy Note 7 stock arrives) or;
    2. A full refund (including on any accessories purchased).
  2. The delivery of a replacement Galaxy Note 7 to customers is expected within three to four weeks.
  3. Samsung recommends that the Galaxy Note 7 be returned to the original place of purchase to discuss options regarding a courtesy device.  Alternatively, contact Samsung to coordinate a courtesy device to be couriered to your nominated address.


Would I still want a Galaxy Note 7?

You bet!  The Galaxy Note 7 is a beautiful smart phone with a quality build (the combustible battery issue not withstanding), and with some industry leading features.  Check out the video below.  Samsung is also handling the recall notice very professionally and efficiently.


Is a Galaxy Note 7 The Perfect Phone for a Middle Aged Man?

I have a Samsung tablet, on which I typically read the morning news.  But most of my other work is usually dozen on my phone.  Why?  Because it’s mostly always with me.  The new breed of mobile phones are packed with productivity features, and have been for some time, multi-tasking, modification of office documents etc.  But Samsung has upped the features on the Galaxy Note 7.

The big sellers for me are:

Nice size Large enough to be productive, but not too large for carrying.  And it feels good in the hand
Magnification with stylus If you are over 40 you probably wear glasses.  So if you need to read a email or text its either squint or get your glasses out.  Not anymore.  The magnification feature is great.
Quick hand written notes on screen I am always jotting down thoughts and ideas, typically on pieces of paper or brief recording on my Dictaphone.  I see this on screen note taker a brilliant feature to replace all that.
Iris scanner security Enhanced easier security, yay no more passwords


Throw in:

  • Quick access edge feature – love it
  • Quality Samsung screen – best in class
  • Expandable storage - rare these days

then this is the phone for me.

I sort of wish the Samsung would back off on their own interface over the top of Android, as don’t think the Samsung additions bring much to the phone, and probably just slow down performance.  But having said that this does not detract too much from the overall phone.


Samsung Galaxy Note7: Official Introduction


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