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Puma X-CAT DISC Laceless Shoes-Designed by BMW

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Puma X-CAT DISC Laceless Shoes-Designed by BMW

“Functional style enters a new dimension: the innovative X-CAT DISC designed by BMW Designworks. The shoe, based on the legendary BMW GINA Light Visionary Model, will launch on 1 July 2016”

 The two unique standout features of this shoe:



The X-CAT DISC was designed by  Designworks, a BMW Group subsidiary, and based on the 2008 BMW vehicle model, GINA,  with the flexible “fabric” skin over a moveable body.  Using only one thin layer of stretchable BMW GINAand super-light GINA material, the shoe wraps around the foot like a second skin. Additional seams are no longer necessary and dynamic movement feels very natural. Since a new material not only allows new shapes but also enables a different way of thinking about movement, Designworks embarked on a new approach to motion.




Laceless System

Laceless Shoes Puma reinvented the lighter and faster-working DISC technology. Instead of using laces, this system works with a rotating disc that pulls internal wires to close and open the shoe.  





The X-CAT Design

Shoes that envelop the moving foot. The X-CAT DISC is about essential character, lightweight design, adaptability and performance. In the spirit of GINA, the designers treated the foot as a kind of chassis in itself. They re-engineered the original automotive material to ensure it was breathable and sufficiently durable to meet the needs of a shoe that wraps around the foot in a single piece.


Uniting beauty and performance, they created a light shoe with a very simple design gesture. Automotive design thinking is immediately evident in the proportions that make the material shine – and in the simplicity that prevents it from competing with too many other design features. Fine, laser-cut perforations flow across the front of the X-CAT, underlining the impression of motion while adding ventilation.



  • Metallic stretch mesh upper
  • Laceless Disc Fit System provides a quick, easy, and comfortable fit
  • Heel pull tab for easy on/off
  • Rubber outsole for grip with rounded driver's heel
  • BMW Logo at lateral side heel
  • PUMA Formstrip at lateral side
  • PUMA Cat Logo at medial side


    Puma X-Cat Laceless Shoes


The BMW X-CAT DISC was released in selected Puma stores from 1 July 2016, but Puma has not released these shoes in Australia, however a few enterprising soles are offering them on Ebay. 

Generally I would have no problem buying sports type shoes online, but you may want to consider some of the comments on the Puma website.  The shoe does seem to be a little narrower than typical sports shoes.  That does make picking sizes a bit of a lottery as the fabric does not seem to have much “give”.



The BMW X-CAT DISC shoes by BMW + Puma


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