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The New DJI Mavic Pro Hits the Sweet Spot

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The New DJI Mavic Pro Hits the Sweet Spot

From the early reviews it looks like DJI are on a winner with the new Mavic Pro drone.  Consumer drones are such a fast evolving segment at the moment, as manufacturers search for combinations of features, size and performance to catch the markets attention, and in particular attract new buyers.  There are new innovative options coming on the market almost every week,  check out the Midlife Man article “Five Reasons to Want a Parrot Disco Drone” for a rundown on the great easy to pilot fixed wing drone from Parrot.   

In the Mavic Pro DJI has focused on size, without sacrificing features or performance.  Let’s talk about size for a moment, from the promo video the Mavic pro folds down to H83mm x W83mm x L198mm, about the size of a soft drink container; and weighs only 743g.  That’s Compact!!  This will be a significant draw card for a lot of potential drone buyers.    The new controller is also much smaller than previous offerings, with an incredible 7 kilometre range (Note that in Australia CASA require drones to be flown in visual range).

The drone and controller are small enough to fit easily in a small back pack or camera, making this a very attractive package.  Throw in the fact that this baby has so many ease of flight features, and a camera shoots 4K video and takes 12 Megapixel stills the Mavic will fit the requirements of many drone users form amateur to professional alike.


Performance Specs

Check out these key performance specs:

Max Flight Time:

27 Minutes



65 kph max, in Sport mode



Stabilised camera with 3-axis gimbal. 4K/30fps. 12Megapixel photo.


Mavic Pro Stored Position  Ocusync controller small but incredible range




Flight Autonomy:

Obstacle avoidance, precision hover.  The Mavic Pro includes 5 camera, GPS GLONASS, 2 ultrasonic range finders, redundant sensors, 24 computing cores. The dual forward and downward vision sensors require visible light to function, and can see as far as 49ft (15m) in front in bright light

Intelligent Flight Modes:  ActiveTrack modes, TapFly and Terrain Follow, automatic Return to Home. The Flight Autonomy function is also available during these modes, so that the Mavic can easily make its way back without bumping into anything in its path.




Max Transmission Range:

7km (4.3 miles) with Full HD 1080p video streaming

Short range control from mobile device with wifi










My Take

This is another quality product from DJI, in a form factor to satisfy current drone enthusiasts, and more importantly attract new users.  Your drone and controller will fit in a small backpack or even a camera case, and can be included in just about any outdoor activity. All of this without compromising features and performance

A DJI Mavic Pro would be a great addition to the toolkit (or boys toy collection) of any outdoor hobbyist or enthusiast wanting to document exploits with aerial video and photos, or just have fun.    If I had a lazy $1699 I certainly would.


Mavic Pro Ready To Go


Introducing the DJI Mavic


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