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Netatmo Welcome-More than a Security Camera

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Netatmo Welcome

Netatmo Welcome-More than a Security Camera

Who is Netatmo?

Netatmo is a new and innovative company developing consumer electronics for a better and connected lifestyle, and are making waves in on the Home Automation Space with the features being built in to their smart devices, for a new take on old themes.  Their main products to date are in the area of Home Security, home air quality and other weather related information, home health.

Netatmo approach to home security is particularly refreshing.  The Midlife Mans article "Smart Outdoor Security-Netatmo Presence"  covers the Netatmo Presence-outdoor camera,   A wireless  camera capable of detecting  the presence of, and distinguishing between , a person, car or animal.  Any activity is streamed to your mobile phone


Netatmo Welcome

The Presence is now complemented by the Netatmo Welcome,  a  wireless indoor camera.  What distinguishes the Welcome for other home security cameras is the use of Facial Recognition, coupled with a slick app interface on your smartphone, enables the Welcome to :

Identify when familiar faces or unrecognised faces are seen by the Welcome and send an appropriate alert to your smart phone.  You can then decide the course of actionNetatmo Welcome

The Welcome can recognise up to 16 faces

The privacy of individuals is respected as privacy settings can be customised for each person, such as by disabling video recordings or notifications for individual people, such as your adolescent or partner.

Video storage is free and flexible, locally by SSD or in the Cloud

Installation is easy, but you do need a home Wi-Fi network of reasonable speed.  Just point the Welcome at your entry door, and record/register the faces of the persons you would like to be recognised.


Netatmo Tags

Netatmo Tags Detect motion on objects to which they are attached, such as windows, doors or driveway gates to receive a notification when they are opened. Tags interface with the Netatmo Welcome sending events to our smartphone.

As the Tags sense vibrations, they can alert you even before an intrusion. Tags have an integrated open/closed state sensor, you can choose to be alerted if you have accidentally left a window or the garage door open.   Check directly on your smartphone if all windows are closed.

Tags are waterproof can be installed indoor and outdoor.

They are easy to install.  Simply stick the one-piece Tag to any door or window.

Netatmo Tags can be placed up to 80m (260ft) away from the camera.

 Tags battery life is 1 year.



Price: USD $ 199.00

And is available from

Smart Home, Inc


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Netatmo Welcome


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