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Midlife Career Change Ideas

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Midlife Career Change Ideas

So you are middle-aged and found yourself unemployed, perhaps now is the time for a career change. Many men find themselves in this situation, of course most would like to have career changes planned but more than often than not this is not the case.   While you may have received a redundancy payout, depending on how old you are more likely this won't see through retirement.

More than likely you will have more than 30 years of work and life experiences, and therefore have a lot to offer to those willing to listen. You could plug away read a job advertisements put in occasional application, let's face it is difficult to fall back into a same position in middle age .  Rather than to know why not consider a real change our she questioned what are your real skills? A don't mean just your previous job titles, but the real-life applicable skills you would have learned on the job. You could be a great manager or organiser, or  are wizz on common software like spreadsheets, technical writing, or just great at storytelling.

The world wide web is a great cost-effective, medium for offering niche services  to the community, and  beyond.  Here a couple of suggestions for an experienced middle-aged man needing a midlife career change:

Technical Writing

If you've worked in a technical field, no matter what industry, you have more than likely developed a terrific skill in writing technical documents. Freelance technical writers are required for industries such as resources, health and medical, finance & accounting, legal, IT engineering industries. And cover documents such as

  • Policies & procedures
  • technical & user documentation
  • Compliance & risk documentation
  • Documentation management
  • Technical communication
  • Bid and tender documentation and analysis
  • Governance documentation
  • Quality assurance / ISO documentation
  • Operational documentation
  • Work instructions
  • Training guides



There are plenty of companies linking technical writers to customers.  Check them out online.


Business Plan Writing

A business plan is an essential tool to support the start-up of new business. However, most people struggle putting their thoughts down on paper.  If you are confident writer with a good understanding of the requirements to establish and operate a business, then writing Business Plans could be the job you.


Buying and Reselling on eBay

Yes many people buy and import goods from overseas and then resell locally using established markets such as  EBay.  However there is still money to be had if you have an ounce of marketing and business acumen can identify gaps in the market.



Blogging is writing continuously updated material and posting on a website. One means of making money from Blog is advertising.

Think about it, somebody with your work and life experience should have a lot to say there would be of interest to others.  All you need to do is capture some of this experience eloquently in a well composed attractive blog be about a broad or niche topic.

The key to a successful blog is interesting content. Make sure your web site design is optimised for search engines. Search engines such as Google use complex algorithms to identify those websites to rank the highest in a Web search, and one component of this is ensuring the site is well laid out with very descriptive page titles, among other things.  There may be some upfront advertising to get your initial promotion.  However over time, with interesting content and a good promotional strategy including paid advertising (web-based and social media based) your website audience should grow quickly. Once you have reasonable audience as measured by unique page views (use Google analytics to assess your website audience) you have a means for monetizing your efforts through advertising placed on your website, such as by using Google ads or Affiliate Marketing companies. 

Blogging might not look like a real job that people do make money from this.  Your blog can take the form of:

  • an independent website
  • join an existing blog network
  • approach existing publications and become a columnist


E-Book Publishing

Another means of earning from a skills and knowledge is by writing and publishing e-books. You can sell your e-books through your own website, or you can sell though than through an existing e-book website.  Your e-books this can focus on more general topics like lifestyle, storytelling, or  more specific subjects, perhaps even the field of your previous career. If you're a good writer, and can focus on interesting subjects there will be a market for your e-books.


Consulting: Web-based Advertising and Marketing

Sell your skills and experience as a consultant.  Many of us a generalists rather than specialists.  However if you have some specialised skills a consultancy may work for you.  The World Wide Web is a great medium for promoting small consulting services. An information only website to promote your services will be easy to design and setup.


Online Store

Websites with e-commerce are very common these days and there are many simple mechanisms available for the average person to establish an online store. More and more people, particularly the younger generation, are turning to the Internet to research and purchasing goods.

If you don’t want to fund and store stock you can still run a stall using the drop shipping model where the wholesaler ships to the customer.

There are plenty of options for modelling an online store, and your business can be run out of your house. We need to do is think of a gap in the market.




Disclaimer: The content of this article and other articles on this website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute professional advice. Please seek advice from a professional in the relevant field, in relation to any specific matter


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