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Land Rover Discovery-Paris Motor Show 2016

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Land Rover Discovery-Paris Motor Show 2016

The 2107 Land Rover Discovery, the Mk 5, has been given an airing at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

From the presentation it appears there are a number if fine upgrades from the current Mk 4

The New 2017 Discovery Features

  • Bigger- 4970 mm in length, approximately 140 mm longer than the Mk4.
  • Sleek-sits 66 mm lower than the Mk4
  • Lighter-aluminium construction- 480 kg lighter longer than the Mk4
  • Wading depth increased to 900 mm
  • Load volume:
    • 2 seater configuration 2500 liters;
    • 5 seater configuration 1137 liters

2 seat configuration 2500 liters storage   5 seat configuration 1137 liters storage




Other Touches

  • Automatic rear seat fold down, activated by:
    • From front console or;
    • Remotely using smartphone app 
  • Armrest chiller 2x1 liter water
  • 9 USB charging points
  • Activity key-wearable robust, water proof wrist band so you can leave the fob inside the vehicle and use the activity key for access


land rover activity key-robust waterproof wearable vehicle entry  



Engine Options

  • 2.0L Td4 - 132 kW  
  • 2.0L Sd4 - 177 kW  
  • 3.0L Td6 - 190 kW
  • Td6 3.0L Si6 -  250kW



The 2017 Land Rover Discovery should be released in Australia mid 2017




The All-New Discovery – The Ultimate Family SUV – Design and Technology


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