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How to Buy Jewelry For Your Lady

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How to Buy Jewelry For Your Lady

Yes you can buy jewelry for a woman, and make it a complete surprise.  Let’s face it gifts chosen and bought without any input for your partner are worth a whole lot more credit than one she has helped pick, or told you to buy.  And it doesn’t have to be flowers and chocolates, which are fine for some occasions but not important milestones like anniversaries, key birthdays etc. These really demand a gift of value, both in terms of cost and thoughtfulness.

My view is your best bet for a well-received gift for a woman is jewelry.  Why? Well most, if not all, of the other possible options have issues.  Clothing and clothing accessories for example are just too risky.  Hell, I have even seen my wife agonize over whether to buy a dress having just tried it on in the store, or worse returning a clothing item to the store a few days after buying it, because she changed her mind.  Now if she can’t reliably choose clothing for herself then I have no chance of choosing clothing for her!  The same applies to handbags and purses, which  are really fashion accessories. 

Perfume is also very personal and can also smell differently on different skin types.  It is best to steer clear of perfumes as a surprise gift, unless you know it is a fragrance she currently uses (not much of a surprise then is it?), or you have seen her sample the exact perfume in the store and made positive comments about it.

Watches are also ok, and we talked about buying a watch for your lady in The Midlife Man article “Affordable Gift Ideas For Your Lady”. Check it out if you feel the watch route is a better bet for your lady.  

But my view is that jewelry is a the best bet for that perfect surprise gift.  Yes I know jewelry is a matter of personal taste but follow the plan below and you should be able to select an item likely to be to your lady’s tastes.



Check out your lady’s current jewelry selection.  A mature woman will likely have a large collection of jewelry, reflecting fashion phases she has adopted through her life.  It will include jewelry made from a wide range of materials, gold silver non-precious metals, even costume jewelry.  Pieces may be fine and precious or bulky, some meant for casual occasions and some for formal occasions. 

This can a be a little bewildering really, so the key is to observe what she currently  wears over a couple of weeks if possible, including what she wears during the day, either to work or around the home; and also what she wears to more formal occasions.  These jewelry pieces are her current favorites and you should, as best as possible, try to match these.  Not duplicate, but match, she doesn’t want exactly the same the same jewelry as she already has.  Note the material, color and stones in her favorite pieces, are they diamonds or semi-precious stones?

Now check out the stores for a likely match.  No, you don’t have to visit every jewelry store in town, just use the web.  There are plenty of online jewelry stores with a great range of items for sale (check out The Midlife Mans online jewelry shopping suggestions below)



  1. Don’t ask her friends for input, otherwise it definitely won’t be a surprise
  2. The one exception to jewelry as a surprise gift is rings.  Rings are in the too hard basket, because they are very personal and need to match her other rings
  3. Don’t choose costume jewelry for a special occasion as the gift should have some intrinsic value


What to Buy

What to buy depends on what you find in your wife’s jewelry collection.  The options are large, ear rings, necklaces, bracelets, and cuffs.

There is an adage "necklaces and earrings for other people’s pleasure, but bracelets and rings are for the lady’s pleasure" because she can see them on herslef.  So perhaps a bracelet will be best received,  but shouldn't exclude other options completely.

Don’t over spend.  A gift of jewelry doesn’t have to be solid 18 carat gold or laden with high quality diamonds.  There is a lot of reasonably priced quality attractive jewelry available (see The Midlife Mans shopping suggestions below)


Success or Failure?

Whilst the tips above should improve your odds of selecting a jewellery item your lady will love and cherish, there is always the possibility she doesn’t like it.  So make sure you buy from a store with a “no strings” attached returns policy.  And make your lady aware that the gift can be returned to the store if she doesn’t like it, and that you won’t be offended.


The only true test of success is if she wears the jewelry, not what she says.  Initial reaction can give you a hint, but most women will generally show appreciation on receiving a gift whether she likes it or not.  If she wears the jewelry, and wears it often, and proudly shows it off to friends and family, then you have done well.





Disclaimer: The content of this article and other articles on this website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute professional advice. Please seek advice from a professional in the relevant field, in relation to any specific matter. Refer to the website Terms and Conditions. 



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