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Get Your Keys Organised

If you are like me you carry a lot of keys pretty much all the time.  Which means you are like me and am pretty much sick of the keys wearing holes in my pockets, and poking in to my leg.  I would be darned annoyed if I were to damage the pockets on one of my suits.  There are solutions, if you check the web there are plenty of key organizers around,  gadgets that hold all your keys in one device so that the held securely in one firm bundle.   There is a relatively new player on the market, which seems to be a step up in terms of quality of product offered, that is Keysmart.  Keysmart is a USA company, with manufacturing in Chicago Illinois.

The Keysmart frame is made out of aircraft grade aluminium to be ultra-lightweight, and the hardware is milled from stainless steel to survive anything life threw at it.  It looks really attractive, check out the video below

Keysmart is protected by several USA Patents

Keysmart was launched on Kickstarter  program in early 2013, and has become one of the most popular products ever launched.




Keysmart Design Features

  • Standard holder holds 2-8 keys
  • With an expansion pack (longer screws and more spacer/washers).   Keysmart capacity is increased incrementally:
    • 2-14 keys
    • 2- 22 keys
    • 2-28 keys
    • 2-34 keys
  • Expansion packs can be purchased any time to extend the capacity of your existing Keysmart
  • Attachments for connecting USBs (at expense of 2 keys places) and external keys and Fobs (at expense of 1 key space)
  • Range of 8 colours
  • Also available in titanium
  • Several miscellaneous attachments, at additional cost, such as Bottle Opener, Pocket Clip ,  Quick Disconnect  Lanyard with Disconnect , Quick Retract.


The net result with Keysmart is a neat attractive key package “smaller than a pack of gum” (well, for the 2-8 key combination); and more importantly the keys are neatly arranged and held firmly in place to prevent damage to your clothing.

Keysmart can be assembled with a coin, no special tools required.  But as with most key organizers assembly can be a little fiddly, but there is a video to help guide you with this process.  Check out the assembly video below.


Keysmart with external ring attachment



Keysmart is available in Australia, distributed out of NSW.  A rough price guide is:

  1. Standard Keysmart   for key lengths 10mm to 55mm   2-8 keys   $32.95 AUD
  2. Extended Keysmart for key lengths 56mm-80mm2-8 keys   $34.95 AUD
  3. Titanium version – Standard $65.95 AUD
  4. Titanium version – Extended $68.95 AUD

Plus shipping


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