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Five Interesting Facts About Wooden Watches

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Five Interesting Facts About Wooden Watches

Wooden watches are great additions to your wardrobe because they are trendy, sophisticated, unique and stylish.  Said differently, these watches aren’t just about telling the time, but are about making the most with that time.  And, with their popularity today, anyone is able to find a wooden watch that fits their personal style and budget.  But, trendiness isn’t the only important consideration:  there are many other benefits to wearing wooden watches on the regular.  Here are five facts about wooden watches that make them even more fun to wear!


1. Wooden Watches are Sustainable

This is pretty self-explanatory, but is probably one of the largest extra benefits from wearing a wooden timepiece.  Wooden watches are sustainable, and it isn’t only because they are made from wood.  In fact, many companies today commit to using sustainable sourcing for their raw materials and may even vow to plant trees to reinforce their commitment to sustainability.  One such company is Original Grain.  This company goes as far as to pledge that they will plant ten trees for every one watch sold.  That’s a big commitment, and many of the other big players in this space have similar devotions. 


2.  Wood Fights Carbon Emissions

Another benefit of wearing wood is combating carbon emissions.  Wood actually stores carbon, which is released heavily when burning fuels.  The result is that wearing wooden watches is a great way to contribute to a healthier environment.


3.  Each Watch is Unique

Watches, by design, are extremely intricate.  But, wooden watches take that intricacy to the next level.  In fact, most require a larger degree of handcrafting, meaning that each watch comes out as its own, distinctive masterpiece.  For example, Mistura brand watches require six hours of production to make and other brands may take even longer.  All in all, this means that your wooden watch is its own exceptional piece that will not be the same as what someone else is wearing.


4.  Wooden Timepieces are Hypoallergenic

One of the largest complaints that people have about traditional watches is that the metal irritates their skin.  This often happens because many metal watches are made with nickel and stainless steel.  Higher end watches may have different metals, but, at the end of the day, metal directly on skin can be an irritant.  Wood watches don’t have this same problem because the entire watch isn’t made of metal.  As a result, wooden watches can be less of an irritant for even those who have the most sensitive skin. 


  5.  Like a Fine Wine, Wood Also Gets Better with Age

Natural oils on the skin have the ability to change the colors of wood over time.  This means that your wooden watch will naturally age and change shades when worn regularly.  This often results in a beautiful and unique watch design as time passes.  What’s better is that this is specific to wooden watches only - metal and plastic do not have this same quality.


Wooden watches are fun to wear.  They aren’t just timepieces or decorations, but, instead, are items that emphasize making the best use of time.  Sure, wooden watches look great and stand out from the crowd, but in addition, they are sustainable, carbon-fighting, distinctive, hypoallergenic and best over time.  It is in this light that wooden watches are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.  


This is a contributed Article, by:

Anthony Valentine



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