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Doh! Samsung Not Again- Galaxy Note 7 Update

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Doh! Samsung Not Again- Galaxy Note 7 Update


Update 12 October 2016

Latest news is that Samsung has pulled the plug on the Galaxy Note 7, it will be withdrawn from sale, permanently.  This call was no surprise as it would be almost impossible to win back confidence in this particular product.  One expects Samsung will move on quickly to the next Note iteration, presumably the Note 8.  However a name change might be in order as the Note range may have been irreversibly tarnished.

Killing the Note 7 may mean the cause of the combustion episodes may never be made public by Samsung.  I still expect Samsung will learn from this and adopt whatever changes required in the design and manufacturing processes to minimise the likelihood of a repeat of the Note 7 fiasco.  



Original Post 11 October 2016

Boy did I get this one wrong.  Please read The Midlife Man Article “Samsung Galaxy Note7 Recall – Australia” praising Samsung for their handling of the first Note 7 recall.  

Latest reports are the some of the allegedly safe replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones have burst in to flames, in a similar fashion to the original flawed Note 7.  The original phone suffered approximately 35 incidents from the 2.5 million phones shipped.  Now, the following incidents with the replacement Note 7 phones have been confirmed to have occurred:

  • On 06 October a replacement Note 7 caught fire on a Southwest Airlines plane due to take off in the USA
  • A man in Kentucky advised he woke to a bedroom full of smoke when his replacement Note 7 burst in to flames on his bedside table

Apparently there are 5 incidents in total with the replacement Note 7 which are currently under investigation by US officials.


Samsung Response


Samsung is now recommending consumers shut down their replacement Note7 phones immediately, and in an ominous sign, are suggesting they change to another model, for example Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.  Its official this is a major crisis for Samsung.

Full wording of the Australian recall can be found on the Samsung Australia web page 


Note 7 Production Halted

The South Korean news agency Yonhap reports that Samsung has halted production of the Note 7.  This news, coupled with the recall recommending customers to choose another phone from the Samsung product range points to an investigative process on the Note 7 that is expected to take some time.   The Note 7 phone obviously has a major design or manufacturing defect, or defects, and Samsung can no longer take any further risk with their already damaged brand. 


Loss of Confidence

With many airlines having bans in place on Note 7s following the first round of incidents, the failure of the replacement hardware will amplify public and regularity concerns by several orders of magnitude.  The full extent to which consumer market confidence in Samsung as a manufacturer of smartphones has been damaged may take some time to become evident.  But it could be significant, and could also flow to other smartphone models, or even other products, in the Samsung range. 


What Next for the Note 7?

Given the loss of confidence in the Note 7 smartphone specifically, it is highly likely that Samsung may not be able to bring the Note 7 to the market for a third time.  In other words what promised to be one of the leading smartphones in the market for 2016, the Galaxy Note 7 may be retired permanently.  Presumably Samsung would move on to the next iteration of the Note product cycle, or perhaps even kill the Note completely and remarket  their oversized handsets under another name.  Whatever the next product in this category is, it will need to be more than a rebadged Note 7.


Can Samsung Recover?

Again, like many, I am a Samsung fan and firmly believe Samsung will address the problems apparent in their design and/or manufacturing processes and continue to make great innovative products.  Having said that, I will probably not be an early adopter of the next Samsung smartphone.  

Make no mistake it will take some time for Samsung to recover from this slipup.




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