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Cracking the Craft Beer Market

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Cracking the Craft Beer Market

 If you are a wine drinker look away now, or perhaps check out The Midlife Man article “How to Choose Wine” , but for beer drinkers, particularly real connoisseurs of the amber ale, then read on.  Us old guys will remember when microbreweries became popular some time in the 80s, appealing to guys wanting something  a little different from the standard beers served in the pubs and clubs of  the time.  While the term micro brewer morphed in to craft brewer somewhere along the way the objective remains the same, entertain and surprise the drinker with fresh and interesting flavours. 

So what options does a beer drinker have if they want something other than the mass produced low cost but low in flavour beers which dominate the beer offering in the main liquor supply outlet?  There are so many great specialist beers being produced in North America these days, the question is how to find them.    The retail liquor outlets are dominated by the main players which in essence control which products are presented to the North American consumers of alcoholic products.

These main players also have supply deals for hotels, so even in your favourite watering hole your choice will be limited.  In the mind of the main players price prevails over taste, so mainstream beers tend to be the uninteresting, one dimensional flavour profile to appeal to the broader market, and produced in large volumes to lower costs.  

But what if you don’t want your beer selection chosen by the mainstream liquor outlets?  Well, thank god for the internet, the web that has given smaller craft beer producers an avenue to the consumer market in relatively large numbers.

Yes, in the How to Choose Wine I harped on about the benefits of wine clubs in guiding wine drinkers to new and interesting wines, well it’s much the same for beer drinkers and craft beer.  There are so many craft beer options one the market now days, the question is how to find the good ones.  In my view its best to let real beer aficionados find the quality and value for money in the craft beer market and the best way of doing this is via a beer club., and there are a few on the web focusing on Australian and quality imported beers.  Whilst they may differ a little in their business model the general concept for beer  club sites is to select and secure good quality specialty beer  at good prices, often directly from the producer, and offer boxed quantities which are shipped straight to your door.  The beer club takes on the burden of the beer selection process, distilling final choices offered to the consumer down to a short list of best quality beer available on the market at a competitive price. 


How to Choose a Beer Club

  • Look at the bio for the beverage selector, and the philosophy behind their selections. 
  • Suck it and see.  You are only buying a few bottles or a case of beer, you are signing any long term contracts with the wine club
  • Start off with a single box purchase to see if you like the selection, before committing to a longer term supply option
  • Research a couple of the beers online to confirm that you are getting a good price on the overall box.


Craft Beer Clubs

There are quite a few online beer stores, some owned by the large liquor chains, but there aren’t many that actively seek out new and interesting craft beers.  One beer club The Midlife Man uses when we are in the mood for a beer is the Craft Beer Club (the original).  Craft Beer Club offers a surprisingly large range of premium craft beers for you to choose from.  But more importantly for you is that their mixed box selections are innovative and refreshing, bound to keep you interested in drinking beer for the taste, not just the price. the club!-468x60 banner


The Original Craft Beer Club

The Craft Beer Club hunts down North America’s best craft beers sourcing from 20 or more specialist breweries.  They are located in Santa Barbara California but ship all over the US at no charge

If you join the Craft Beer Club you get a choice of either 

  • 12 Beers per month (4 styles, 3 of each)
  • 24 Beers per month (4 styles, 6 of each)

No, you cant customize.  Why would you, after all the main objectives of a beer club is to try new and interesting beers.  If you find one or two you really like, then you can source a case straight form the brewer.

Deliveries can be monthly, every other month, or quarterly.

And you can set the number of shipments from 1 to 12 (a whole year) when you set up the order. Finest Beers!-125x125 banner




Disclaimer: The content of this article and other articles on this website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute professional advice. Please seek advice from a professional in the relevant field, in relation to any specific matter. Refer to the website Terms and Conditions. 



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